“I Only Wore It Once……”

This week, Mr. Modhousewife and I are celebrating “my”…I mean “our” 10th year of marriage. To honor this achievement, on my Facebook page, I will post a funny picture, realization or advice about weddings/marriage. However, today I want to discuss the wedding dress. Did you know that Queen Victoria set the style to wear white? Before her 1840 wedding to Prince Albert, brides typically wore any color of their choosing, especially red or black.

479px-Queen_Victoria_Albert_1854 399px-Wed-dress-001

To me, the wedding dress is the most important piece of fashion any woman will wear. This dress gave you the brightest smile and possibly happy tears. You felt amazing and beautiful.  You associate this dress with one of the happiest days of your life. To this day, I still love my dress. I remember finding it in a bridal magazine; and knew right away it was “the one”. It was the first dress I tried on…..and fell in love. If I could redo that day, I would still keep the same groom (love you Nick) and dress (but this time a beach or Vegas wedding).

That’s why it’s sad to only wear it once. So maybe that should change! After watching a “Friends” episode (you know the one where Monica tries on Emma’s wedding dress. Then Rachel and Phoebe put on wedding dresses and their moods change from sad to happy instantly), I decided it would be fun to put on my wedding dress again with my besties and just chill.


These dresses were only worn once and needed to be removed from their confines to breathe and create new happy memories! (BTW…I have the best neighborhood friends!!!)

Watching a movie together!


Playing cards! 


Book Club!


Neighborhood Walk!


It’s true….your wedding dress is the best dress EVER! We felt like it was our wedding days again. We should probably do this more often since your dress was only worn once.

Happy Dress Up!