Women In Front Of The Camera: The Model

Today, I am beginning the Modhousewife.com series, “Women In Front Of The Camera.” I will introduce you to four women (and friends) whose work involves being in the public eye; and how they stay fit and their tips for staying trendy.

This sequence begins with “The Model”. I would like to introduce you to my friend and sorority sister, Tara. Born in Clinton, Missouri, she is now a full-time model for print, TV and runway living in St. Petersburg, Florida. At 29, her dreams came true by winning a model search contest; and now she can be seen on the Home Shopping Network working for clients such as Queen Latifah, Twiggy and Scott-Vincent Borba, the runways of Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue and print ads for Dillards and Hilton Hotels.

Since Tara works in front of the camera, I wanted to know how she stays fit and trendy, plus her tips!

1. How do you stay fit?

(Before her modeling career skyrocketed, she earned a personal trainer certification through ISSA.)

“I think it’s important to remember that we are all different. My body may not respond to running exactly like yours would, or vice versa. Finding the fun in fitness has been the key to staying fit for me. I’m not hard on myself, but I have to move my body a little everyday to get the blood flowing. Healthy eating is a huge part of the way we look, so I allow myself to enjoy temptations from time to time, but I follow a very clean lifestyle. No drinking, no smoking, only eat REAL food, drink mostly water, move your body daily and have a regular sleep routine. It works.”

2. Favorite trends for Spring/Summer 2013?

“I absolutely adore using nail color to get into the mood of the season. Recently, I shot an editorial for a magazine’s Spring/Summer 2013 issue; and the makeup artist used OPI’s newest collection with fresh/beautiful colors ranging in coral pink to deep navy blue.”

3. Advice for keeping on trend and staying within a budget? 

“Nail polish is fairly cheap and easy to change, it’s a very simple way to update your look. Also, shop at the less expensive trendy stores like H&M or Zara to freshen up your closet. Mix those pieces with your current clothing items.You’ll be amazed at how many new looks can be created with your white dress shirt.”

And Finally, I had to ask….4. The Best & Worst Parts of the job?

“Best – My job allows me to feel free and creative. I never get bored or feel trapped. Worst – The lack of sleep. It can be hard to travel or work without sleep for days, and I mean DAYS!! It’s crazy but fashion is going on around us 24/7; and I’m there to help the clients get their product/services to the public, and it’s not always glamourous. But honestly, I wouldn’t change a thing…I love my job!”


I hope Tara has inspired you to get active and trendy! She’s an amazing woman…just can’t believe it’s been over a decade since our Mizzou days together. But we have not aged a day!