Women In Front Of The Camera: The Broadcast Meteorologist

Today, I am continuing the Modhousewife.com series, “Women In Front Of The Camera”. I would like to introduce you to a woman I consider a sister, friend, classmate, etc., Angela, a broadcast meteorologist for KTVI-FOX 2 in St. Louis, Missouri.

Angela had a lifetime interest in weather. She decided to attend Western Illinois University; and received a Bachelor Degree in Geography specializing in Meteorology. After graduation, this Midwest girl uprooted her life; and began her career at KTVA CBS 11 in Anchorage, Alaska. Then two years later, she returned to St. Louis advancing her career in a larger television market.

Angela can also be heard on the radio (550 KTRS) giving weather forecasts. She regularly speaks at schools, businesses, and often emcees charity events and trivia nights across the St. Louis area. Plus, she is known to take on important news assignments.

Since Angela works in front of the camera, I wanted to know how she stays fit and trendy!

1. How do you keep fit? Biggest temptation…Carbs?

“I have to work out regularly. I love food; and have a passion for cooking, so regular exercise in a MUST. I have never been “skinny” and was a plump teenager, but when I decided to pursue a career in television I knew I needed to make a change. I run, take cardio classes, and/or do weight training every week day. Taking long walks with my husband and dog also help. My biggest temptation: sweets! I love ice cream.”

2. Favor designer?
“Despite what a lot of people think, not everyone is television makes a lot of money. So I don’t wear much of anything with a designer name. I will say that I do like the MICHAEL Michael Kors and Alfani lines at Macy’s. I do have certain stores that are my favorite for work attire. Macy’s is one, but I also love The Limited. My secret shop is Dressbarn. I used to think this was a store that only ‘moms’ shopped at, but I find great pieces for great prices there. Their dresses are adorable and most are just $40.”

3. Favorite trends for Spring/Summer 2013?
“I think my favorite trend for spring is the return of color, especially teal and tangerine. I like the mint trend too, but since I work in front of a green screen I can’t wear that on the air. I have not gotten into the colored pants trend since my legs often don’t show on the air. I tend to focus more on my tops with more classic, basic slacks or skirts.”

4. Does the camera really add 10 pounds?
“The camera can add ten pounds if the lighting is bad. Strong, flat light directed straight at a person flatten the features by killing shadows. That makes you look heavier. In theory, your lightning should be better than that in the news studio. I don’t wear a lot of stripes or tight patterns just to be safe.”

5. Advice for keeping on trend and staying within a budget?
“Don’t be afraid to shop all over. Perhaps you by a staple piece at a more expensive store, but pick up a few on-trend pieces at Target or Kohls. My on-air clothes are from many different stores. Also, don’t feel the pressure to “be on trend” with everything. Just like with food, all things in moderation. Sometimes, a current trend just doesn’t work on you or isn’t right for your job.”

6. Favorite/Worst parts of your job?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                “I love my job because I get to do what I love, talk about the weather. I enjoy getting to let my personality shine through. Working at a TV station, you also get to meet a lot of interesting people from local notables to well-known celebs. However, working in TV in the age of social media can be tough. Everyone is a critic and sometimes your presentation, your clothes, your hair, etc. is not someone’s ‘cup of tea’. The criticism can be tough to take sometimes. Also, my schedule can rough. I work weekend mornings regularly; and often fill in on the weekday morning show. Those early wake up calls can be difficult on a sleep pattern and your social life. Plus, putting makeup on at 2:00 a.m. is never much fun.”

I hope you have enjoyed getting to know a little about Angela and her style. She is an intelligent, beautiful and caring friend. It’s just hard to believe that we met over twenty years ago on our grade school’s softball fields, became close friends and had the honor of being in each other’s weddings. If you are in St. Louis, make sure to tune into Angela for the most up-to-date weather forecast!