Troop Beverly Hills

I was craving Girl Scout cookies last night; and I began reminiscing of my years as a Brownie, Junior and Cadet. The Girls Scouts of America is a wonderful organization. I remember the crafts, campouts, badges and most importantly, the cookies. In the next few years, I see my daughter becoming a Girl Scout and carrying on so many traditions.

I think about becoming my daughter’s troop leader…even though I hate camping, not a fan of making knots and so on. I’m sure the Girl Scout curriculum has changed in past 25 years. However, I see my troop being more like “Troop Beverly Hills”.

What a wonderful movie that taught us so much such as:

  • -The California Community Property Laws can’t be beat.
  • -Appraising diamonds and gardening with glamour should be earned badges.
  • -A hotel room with nine people and one bathroom is roughing it.
  • -Perms are bad!
  • -Tori Spelling is not a real blonde.
  • -And the underdogs can always win the Annual Jamboree!

If you have a chance, watch this movie again. It’s fun and girls love it! Plus, you’ll get a small glimpse of my own troop. I will definitely teach my girls how to survive in the wilds of business, fashion and cooking with major appliances. (Not a fan of cooking on an open flame.) Also, I have a wonderful marketing plan for my troop’s cookie business….I see social media, websites, direct marketing, trade shows, etc.