Take Back Dinner

Family sit-down dinners (especially during the school year) can be few and far between. There are so many evening activities like sports, drama, meetings, social events and more. And when you do sit down to a family dinner, what happens? Does everyone try to eat quickly to get back to homework, electronics or activities? And when you ask your kids “what did you do today?”, do you get the ever-popular answer “nothing”?

Since my family is often in this predicament, I was so fortunate to meet and talk with the founder of Togather™the Game. This is a book featuring 7 creative categories with 15 stickers each. No matter the topic, each sticker asks family members to compliment, share and discuss with those sitting at the table. This is unlike any conversational game played before because it enables your family to communicate through relevant subjects and creates fun memories during dinner.

For the last few weeks, my family has been using Togather™ during our dinners. Needless to say, we talking and laughing more which makes mealtime so special. I look forward to learning the thoughts, feelings and totally silliness of my family’s answers to each topic/sticker will bring. In fact, I am making our schedules able to include more sit-down dinners because this is time we need and it’s so much fun!

Plus, Togather™ has stickers for your child’s school lunchtime too. I have been packing my daughter’s lunch with one sticker a day with relatable school topics for children. Instead of eating quickly and not really talking with her friends, they have been talking about their favorite field trips or sharing about vacations, pets, etc. She and her friends are listening to each other and truly learning the art of conversation. I love these girls and they all have great ideas and plans.

And just in time for Advent, Togather™ will be introducing a special sticker book to prepare your family for Christmas. This is truly a time for families to renew before the year begins. For more information on Togather™ the Game or to purchase, please visit www.togathermoments.com.