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ModHousewife Styling Services:
Let me show you how easy it is to dress trendy or classic, stay on budget and look your absolute best!

Styling Packages:

“Closet Facelift” – Includes consultation, 2-hour in-home closet restyling and 1-hour follow up appointment.
{$100 /Cincinnati area, $200/other locations)

        • Discuss existing wardrobe: fit, style and color
  • Categorize clothing: Keep or donate
  • Create new outfits from existing pieces/women’s fashion inspiration photos
  • Updated outfit recommendations based on new clothing purchased

 “Let’s Go Shopping”  – Includes consultation and 3-hour shopping session.
{$150/Cincinnati area, $250/other locations}

  • Wardrobe consultation: fit, style and color perspective
  • Create shopping plan: targeted wardrobe items, budget-friendly stores, body type and your personal style
  • Accompany you to stores and offer my best fashion advice – My job is to make you look amazing!

“A Whole New Look” – Combines “Closet Facelift” & “Let’s Go Shopping” packages
{$200/Cincinnati Area, $400/other locations}

“Special Event Styling” – Includes consultation & 1-hour shopping session. Let me make you look your best for any special occasion.
{$75/Cincinnati Area, $125/other locations }

“E-Styling” – Need help but can’t visit in person. Let’s meet via web for all your styling needs. $25/hr

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“Ainslie is fashion forward and always in touch with the latest trends. She isn’t afraid to push you to step outside of your comfort zone (helped me find a bathing suit last year that I would never have picked for myself but is now my favorite and people are always asking where I got it)! She also knows that some of us have to be eased into things (it took me a year to try the “accent nail” that she assured me a year ago was trendy even though I protested and told her that it looked like she forgot to paint one of her nails).

For a closet makeover you will find that you actually have far more outfits than you realized and several pieces that were weeks away from hitting the donation pile now have a renewed purpose. I was stunned at the number of outfits she pulled out of my “I have nothing to wear” closet and I know you will be too!” – Amy B. 

“Ainslie has that natural eye for fashion that women like me dream of – the ability to pick up anything off the rack and instantly see its potential. Her styles are modern, distinctive, and best of all – totally accessible. Even when she’s not with me in the store, following her advice has made clothes shopping a lot less painful and a lot more fun.” – Rebecca D.

“Ainslie is a fantastic fashion stylist. I have had the pleasure of working with her on many occasions. She recently helped me pick out outfits and makeup for two events. As a busy mom of three small children, I do not have the time to go store-to-store looking for appropriate clothes, shoes and makeup for an event. Nor do I have the time to stay in touch with the latest fashion styles. Ainslie helps ease that stress. 

For the most recent event, Ainslie helped me find the perfect dress, shoes, and lipstick for the AHA Heart Ball. She knows exactly what will look great together and encourages you to step out of your comfort zone. I had never worn red before and because of her, I wore a red necklace to one event and a red dress to another. I received many, many compliments on both. Ainslie’s choices make you feel great. 

Because of her excellent style and service, I’ve just hired her to complete an entire closet consultation for me.” – Tricia W.

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