Magic On The Seas…….Part 2

So now that you are on the cruise (hopefully enjoying an adult beverage and relaxing in a lounge chair while your children are playing in the Mickey Pool), it’s time for your activities and excursions.

Here is a day-by-day account of our cruise activities: (The Disney Navigator was waiting in our room each evening to let us know the next day’s activities)

Day 1 (at sea) – 3:45pm – Room/Luggage ready   4:00pm Safety Demonstration (mandatory)   6:15pm The Welcome Show in the Walt Disney Theatre   7:00pm Family Dance Party at The Tube   8:15pm (Late Dinner Seating) Animator’s Palate   9:15pm Kids eat first and an Oceaneer Club counselor will escort your children to the club while you finish your dinner   11pm Plan the next day’s activities and sleep

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Day 2 (at sea) – 8:30am Boot Camp  (nominal fee and sign up day 1 at Senses Day Spa)   9:30am Breakfast room service – it’s free and take advantage  10am  pool time   11:30am Oceaneer Club (lunch and dinner are served) while we chill at the adult only pool, deck and Current’s Bar 6:15pm Aladdin Show at the Walt Disney Theatre  7:30pm Beatles Sing-a-Long at La Piazza 8:15pm Dinner at the Enchanted Garden   9:15pm Oceaneer Club  10pm Ooh La La Champagne Bar   11:30pm Warm cookies and milk room service and sleep

12670534_10207514678523765_7436066062663555325_n  12670880_10207514672843623_5660868633039093197_n

Day 3 (at sea) – 8:30am Breakfast room service   9am Oceaneer Club   11am Explore ship and lunch at Cabana’s   1pm Ship Family Game “Become a Detective”   2:30pm Anyone Can Cook Culinary Series   7pm Oceaneer Club    7:30pm Dinner at Palo    11pm sleep

12923295_10207514685483939_5902625872903782556_n  12524243_10207514686003952_1967881148685361897_n 8355_10207514687123980_5704747090135483907_n

Day 4 (Tortola) –  8:30am Depart Ship     8:45am-12:45pm The Virgin Gorda Baths Excursion 3:45pm Bibbity Bobbity Boutique    5:00pm Zootopia in Buena Vista   7pm Pirate Night begins 8:15pm Dinner at Animator’s Palate   10pm Pirate Night Fireworks

12920442_10207514691404087_7848620974878041841_n 10603771_10207514707644493_2389099773246647955_n

Day 5 (St. Thomas/St. John) – 9:30am Depart Ship   10am Boat ride from St. Thomas to St. John 11am Tour of St. John    2:45pm Pool time    4:45pm Hair braids     8:15pm Dinner at Enchanted Garden   10pm Meeting with Disney Vacation Club

12932903_10207514710084554_2206398320437890251_n  12525537_10207514715004677_4356207693800317731_o

Day 6 (at sea with rain) – 8:30am Bootcamp  10am Breakfast at Cabana’s poolside and relax day 4:45pm Couples Spa Treatment at Senses Spa   8:15pm Dinner at Royal Court   9:15pm Oceaneer Club   10pm Skyline Bar   11pm Sleep


Day 7 (Castaway Cay) – 8am 5k on Deck 4   10:30am Docked on Castaway Cay   11am Beach and lunch   5pm Pack suitcases and have them outside stateroom    8:15pm Dinner at Animator’s Palate    10pm Family Dance Party   10:30pm Sleep

12938103_10207514732965126_5359217906524184159_n 12919712_10207514737005227_5161342905843865296_n

Day 8 (Return home) 8:15am breakfast at Animator’s Palate  9:15am Disney Magic Express to Orlando International Airport

Note: Receive a 10% discount on a future cruise if booked onboard.

We absolutely loved this cruise; and we will cruise the Western Caribbean/Star Wars Day for spring break 2017. But our first love will always be the parks of Disney World.

Have a magical vacation!


Magic on the High Seas…..Part 1

After conquering the parks, we decided to conquer the high seas aboard the Disney Cruise Liner, The Fantasy. It’s been two weeks since we returned; and I still think back to each day’s activities, the people met and the places discovered.

We took the 7-Day cruise from Port Canaveral and traveled to Tortola, St.Thomas/St. John and Castaway Cay (Disney’s private island).

In this first blog post, I want to give you the details of booking and then arriving on the cruise.

We booked this late March ’16 cruise in September ’15 with travel agent, Kristie Bennett of Dreams Unlimited; and received a $400 onboard credit. She was wonderful and talked to me one day for 45 minutes explaining the ABC’s of a Disney Cruise. She is a fabulous resource.

Seventy-five days out (since we are first time cruisers), we were able to book our excursions and any onboard activities that need reservations such as brunch/dinner at Palo or Remy (adult-only restaurants), Bibbity Bobbity Boutique and Senses Spa. Note: 1) I booked my excursions at midnight, popular excursions book fast! 2) After your first cruise, you officially become part of the Castaway Cay Club (silver, gold, platinum levels). Then you are able to book your excursions, reservations, etc. 90, 105 & 120 days out.

It is recommended that you arrive for your cruise the day before. If your flight is delayed, the cruise will leave without you. We arrived in Orlando on Friday evening and stayed at the Airport Hyatt Regency. We ate dinner at the hotel’s restaurant, McCoy’s and it was excellent.

We chose to take the Disney Magical Express from Orlando to Port Canaveral. Unlike taking the “FREE” Magical Express from the airport to Disney World (must stay on Disney property), you must book the Disney Magical Express and it’s $70/per person, round trip. We felt the cost was worth it…..we left our bags in the Hyatt on Saturday morning and did not see them again until Saturday evening in our stateroom. Same for leaving the cruise, our bags were taken at 8:30pm the last night of the cruise and we did not see them until we landed in Cincinnati the next evening. Plus, Disney transportation is always reliable and one less thing to stress about.


One month from arrival, you will receive your cruise itinerary booklet. This will include all luggage tags, reservations, stateroom, Disney Magical Express reservation information and much more. Keep this in your travel carry-on!

Day 1 of the cruise, we arrived at Port Canaveral at 10am (get ready to wait and have a snack in your purse). You will check-in and then immediately proceed to check-in your children at the activity center desk. They will receive their magic bands (their pass in and out of the onboard activities centers). Don’t do this on the cruise, there will be a massive line. Also, you will be charged $15 for this band. When you return it the last day of the cruise, you will receive a credit.


At 11:15am, Disney began calling assigned groups to enter the ship. Not sure how to improve this number, but frequent cruisers were higher on the list.  We were group 11 (out of 40); and finally were on board around 11:50am.

Your stateroom will not be ready until around 3:45pm. Make sure to wear a swimsuit and coverup when arriving to the ship. As we entered the ship, we went straight to Deck 11 for swimming and lunch, which were already available.

IMG_4374   IMG_4370IMG_4380

As we were chilling at the pool, drink attendants walked around with drinks of the day, etc. Make sure to create a drink budget. Milk, juice, soda and coffee are free. We also ordered bottled water and beer for our room for a nominal fee and it’s delivered to your stateroom.  For beer drinkers, be sure to get the Beer Mug deal.  The mug costs $15 (you get to take it home) and you receive 22oz beers for the price of 16oz the entire cruise.

IMG_4369 IMG_4381

My next few posts will be about daily activities and excursions. Hope these logistic planning tips help!

Bon Voyage!

Make Incredible Things Happen!

I am very fortunate to have so many talented and confident women in my life. Instead of being envious and jealous, I celebrate and admire them (plus, this view makes your life so much happier). We accept our differences; and offer support when our views and decisions are unpopular. We value the meaning of “friendship” and don’t push each other away. And there’s trust, for which true friendship is built upon.

Sometimes I feel that I am living in a Bravo “housewives” series. I am sure that many of my readers feel the same. I no longer care if I am not invited to a party or left out of other social circles. Life is too short and I would rather have quality friendships than quantity. And, when did women start hating other women? Or is this something that began with the world and will haunt us from junior high to the grave. Note: I am not perfect and have my faults. But maybe maturity has finally settled in and these situations exhaust me.


The quote above has so much meaning. I feel that women are our own worst enemies. We can conquer anything if we would be kind and not bitchy. We need to offer encouragement, not put each other down. And the worst, (I am guilty of this too!) gossiping behind each other backs. Because guess what? We all find out what is said.

So here’s your goal: Congratulate  another woman on an achievement or support a friend who is having a difficult time. This kind of positivity will  make a difference and possibly make incredible things happen!

I Choose Fabulous!

I don’t typically believe in New Year’s Resolutions….because like most of you, I don’t keep them.

However after a year of hard realizations, I have made some lifestyle changes that have helped me become a more secure and happy person. So this year, I am challenging you and myself to be “Fabulous”.


Here are 10 ways that will help make 2016 fabulous! It’s already helped 2015 for me.

10. Let It Go…

9. You don’t have to be perfect

8. Stay true to yourself and your beliefs, even if that’s unpopular

7. Exercise 10 minutes a day

6. Be a role model

5. Pamper yourself (and schedule annual doctor’s appointments…OBGYN/Dermatologist)

4. Be generous with your time and skills

3. Fall in love again and again

2. It’s ok not to be liked by everyone, it’s their loss not  yours

1. You are fabulous and don’t let anyone tell you different!

Happy New Years!

Yoga….A Practice With Benefits*

On August 1, 2015, I began my yoga practice.  Yoga is described as a practice because it may be personalized to your ability and strength…plus as they say, “practice makes perfect”.


Whether you practice yoga once, twice or even 7 days a week, the benefits are endless. Just in the time I have been practicing, I have noticed my flexibility and strength have increased, my sleep is better and my skin is clearing. Plus, yoga is my stress relief and the stretching heals my very sore shoulder.

Other benefits may include: building the immune system, improving the digestive system, increasing self-esteem, helping heal depression and anxiety, and the list goes on and on.


I am fortunate to have an amazing yoga instructor/friend, Amy Smith, owner of Game On Fitness. If you are able to attend her classes, she makes you feel comfortable by demonstrating all levels of ability. Find your level and it’s Game On! 



*Always consult a doctor before starting a new fitness routine. Amy Smith and Modhousewife are not held liable to any injuries while performing these exercises. 

IMG_1933  IMG_1941

IMG_1939  IMG_1938

IMG_1947  IMG_1946

IMG_1932 IMG_1937


You’ve Been Boo’d

The scariest night of the year is fast approaching….and have you Boo’d or been Boo’d yet?!?!

This is one of my favorite Halloween traditions for kids and adults and here are the steps to surprising one of your neighbors:

  1. Print off the FREE template of your liking….many to choose from on Pinterest.

Template 1                                                                              Template 2 

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2. Collect Tricks & Treats.


3. Assemble your Halloween package.


4. Then deliver….place on front door (remember you don’t want your neighbors to know who Boo’d them)

Then your neighbors will do the same for another family and more Halloween cheer will be spread in the neighborhood.

Happy Halloween!