Laser Hair Removal

Do you have embarrassing and unwanted hair? Well I do; and for years I have been thinking about laser hair removal. And today, I finally did it. If you are a Cincinnati local, I highly recommend the professional staff of Radiant Laser Hair Removal in Blue Ash.

After turning 30, I began getting chin hair. I have been plucking for years, and it’s a pain in my a**. This was the main reason for my visit to Radiant Laser Hair Removal. I was welcomed by Michelle Bicknell, C.T., licensed by the State Medical Board of Ohio; and started working in the laser field in 1994.

The office is fresh and inviting; and I began my visit with a consultation by their in-house physician to review my health history, skin sensitivity, etc. Michelle described how hair removal works and when I would need to return to the office.  Then I entered the treatment room where Michelle explained the procedure and the equipment. Then it was time to laser my chin, upper lip, unibrow and under arms.

Is a fear of pain holding you back from have laser hair removal? Well, no need to worry.  I am a big baby when it comes to vaccinations or drawing blood. This is so easy and relaxing.  The whole procedure took 10 minutes; and it felt like tiny pinching or a tickle (ice and air were used to numb the areas). My follow-up appointment is in two weeks to review the areas….and I may have another area done😉

Radiant Laser Hair Removal is affordable and convenient (location and flexible scheduling), plus your first treatment if FREE!!! For more information, contact them today at 513-489-1900.