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Were You Fabulous?

2016 is almost over! It is definitely a year that will be remembered. From politics to celebrities, this year has taught me to “never say never”.

Last December, I wrote the blog, “I Choose Fabulous!”. I wrote 10 ways to be more fabulous in the new year. After reviewing this list, I am giving myself a 70% (Let’s be real, who’s perfect?).

Let’s review the list…how did you do?

10. Let It Go…   This was hard. But I think I did much better not sweating the small stuff. I guess the best part of being a year older, is that drama is becoming too exhausting to care.

9. You don’t have to be perfect…..  Duh! Life is way more fun being a mess sometimes;)

8. Stay true to yourself and your beliefs, even if that’s unpopular…..   I relate this most to the Presidential election. My wish is that we stand behind our leaders and unify this wonderful country.

7. Exercise 10 minutes a day….. I trained and completed my first half marathon and continued my normal workouts each day. It takes some time, but I feel healthy and strong. And exercise is the best stress relief.

6. Be a role model…. My daughter is my world. I hope that my activities and accomplishments show her that at any age, she can do anything if she works hard.

5. Pamper yourself (and schedule annual doctor’s appointments…OBGYN/Dermatologist)…. I also took more time to take care of my skin this year with MORE SUNSCREEN!

4. Be generous with your time and skills…. This year I tried to say “yes” to more volunteer opportunities; and I learned that teachers should be paid millions of dollars. They are God’s angels.

3. Fall in love again and again….. Every couple goes through good and bad times. There are days when we can’t stand each other and others where we can’t get enough of each other. We went on lots of date nights this year and began doing more activities together.

2. It’s ok not to be liked by everyone, it’s their loss not yours…… This is also another hard thing to do, especially when you were once friends with those lost. But I love my friends and family fiercely; and true friendship is understanding and accepting.

1. You are fabulous and don’t let anyone tell you different! …… Yes I am!

2017 is here! Let’s continue to be fabulous and happy. If 2016 taught us anything, it’s that life is too short not to live everyday to your greatest potential.

Make Incredible Things Happen!

I am very fortunate to have so many talented and confident women in my life. Instead of being envious and jealous, I celebrate and admire them (plus, this view makes your life so much happier). We accept our differences; and offer support when our views and decisions are unpopular. We value the meaning of “friendship” and don’t push each other away. And there’s trust, for which true friendship is built upon.

Sometimes I feel that I am living in a Bravo “housewives” series. I am sure that many of my readers feel the same. I no longer care if I am not invited to a party or left out of other social circles. Life is too short and I would rather have quality friendships than quantity. And, when did women start hating other women? Or is this something that began with the world and will haunt us from junior high to the grave. Note: I am not perfect and have my faults. But maybe maturity has finally settled in and these situations exhaust me.


The quote above has so much meaning. I feel that women are our own worst enemies. We can conquer anything if we would be kind and not bitchy. We need to offer encouragement, not put each other down. And the worst, (I am guilty of this too!) gossiping behind each other backs. Because guess what? We all find out what is said.

So here’s your goal: Congratulate  another woman on an achievement or support a friend who is having a difficult time. This kind of positivity will  make a difference and possibly make incredible things happen!

I Choose Fabulous!

I don’t typically believe in New Year’s Resolutions….because like most of you, I don’t keep them.

However after a year of hard realizations, I have made some lifestyle changes that have helped me become a more secure and happy person. So this year, I am challenging you and myself to be “Fabulous”.


Here are 10 ways that will help make 2016 fabulous! It’s already helped 2015 for me.

10. Let It Go…

9. You don’t have to be perfect

8. Stay true to yourself and your beliefs, even if that’s unpopular

7. Exercise 10 minutes a day

6. Be a role model

5. Pamper yourself (and schedule annual doctor’s appointments…OBGYN/Dermatologist)

4. Be generous with your time and skills

3. Fall in love again and again

2. It’s ok not to be liked by everyone, it’s their loss not  yours

1. You are fabulous and don’t let anyone tell you different!

Happy New Years!

Yoga….A Practice With Benefits*

On August 1, 2015, I began my yoga practice.  Yoga is described as a practice because it may be personalized to your ability and strength…plus as they say, “practice makes perfect”.


Whether you practice yoga once, twice or even 7 days a week, the benefits are endless. Just in the time I have been practicing, I have noticed my flexibility and strength have increased, my sleep is better and my skin is clearing. Plus, yoga is my stress relief and the stretching heals my very sore shoulder.

Other benefits may include: building the immune system, improving the digestive system, increasing self-esteem, helping heal depression and anxiety, and the list goes on and on.


I am fortunate to have an amazing yoga instructor/friend, Amy Smith, owner of Game On Fitness. If you are able to attend her classes, she makes you feel comfortable by demonstrating all levels of ability. Find your level and it’s Game On! 



*Always consult a doctor before starting a new fitness routine. Amy Smith and Modhousewife are not held liable to any injuries while performing these exercises. 

IMG_1933  IMG_1941

IMG_1939  IMG_1938

IMG_1947  IMG_1946

IMG_1932 IMG_1937


Mr. Modhousewife Makeover

That’s right….makeovers are not just for the ladies!

Last spring, Mr. Modhousewife saw a few pictures of himself and was not happy. Even though he worked out (weights/cardio) everyday, he was still unable to loose weight.


At the time, I had just lost 10 pounds using the MyFitnessPal app. I lowered my carb intake each day to now maintain my current weight. So, Mr. Modhouswife decided to use this application and lower his carbs and calories, plus add weights and long-distance running.

Ten months later, he has lost 35 lbs. and created a lifestyle of low carbs/calories plus exercise. His diet is about portion control since we eat exactly the same meals. And we have made this a family lifestyle too! (Bonus: He no longer snores at night!)

IMG_4028             IMG_4111

So, now that he lost all the weight, I took him shopping for some summer outfits. Here’s three classic looks for our Florida trip (Gap and Polo). He also had to buy a whole new work wardrobe, but it’s not as fun as casual wear.

IMG_4116   IMG_4118  IMG_4115

Three pictures is about all Mr. Modhousewife’s modeling career could handle. I am very proud of him and he looks amazing!





Save the Ta-Tas!

I am a big believer in the monthly self breast exam. It’s an easy way to detect breast cancer in its earliest stages. Also, it’s important to have your breasts examined at your annual OBGYN appointment; and never skip a mammogram.


A few weeks ago, I was in shower and noticed that my armpit was sore and I felt a very large lump. I called my OBGYN immediately and scheduled an appointment the next day. I assumed it was an ingrown hair but I was still worried. The lump had not been there a few months prior during my annual OBGYN appointment; and I had not felt it last month during my self breast exam.

At the appointment, my doctor gave me a breast exam and felt the inside of my armpit. To my relief, I passed my breast exam with flying colors. It was just an isolated infected lymph node (no lymph path to my breasts) and she gave me an antibiotic to take for seven days. I was probably still a carrier of the norovirus which I had a month prior. The doctor did mention if the lump were not to go away with the antibiotic that an ultra sound would be performed. Thankfully there was no need.

As we age, it’s vital for women to be award of our bodies and any changes. Take the time to do a monthly self breast exam and schedule any doctors’ appointments. Don’t fool around with your health….you are too special!