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Go In The Nude!

With all the bold color this season, think about going nude….for your footwear!

Nude heels, sandals and wedges are very popular this season. If you plan to wear bold capris and a patterned shirt or a colorful dress with contrasting jewelry, try a nude heel. Sometimes it’s better to go simple. Plus, a neutral shoe goes with everything.


Kohl’s Candies® $39.99


Follow this rule: It’s not wrong if Kate wears it!





Happy Shopping!





Tis’ The Season…For Holiday Fashion

It’s ten days until Halloween; but most holiday collections arrive in stores next week. This year, every retailer’s collection has a different theme; which will enable fashionistas everywhere to find the perfect outfit to fit their unique personalities. No one wants to look the same at a holiday gala or New Year’s party.

White House Black Market: This holiday collection focuses on three colors: black, silver and red. Their sophisticated and sexy fashions will create a hot look on those cold December nights. I have my husband’s semi-formal holiday party to attend; and the red velvet suit has my name on it. I normally freeze at these events; so a long sleeve and pant will be elegant with an edge paired with bling jewelry and silver heels.

Talbots: It’s about simple, classic and bold. Besides a collection of black and silver, Talbots’ holiday collection includes bold pinks, greens and blues. The hot pink kimono dress is absolutely stunning. With the right accessories, this look will be talked about until next year’s party.

Ann Taylor: I just saw the holiday collection preview Monday and Demi Moore looks amazing in these fabulous neutrals. It’s all about soft and sexy with beige colored lace and cashmere. This collection will be perfect for a small cocktail affair with a large fireplace warming the room.

So whatever your style this holiday season, you will find the perfect ensemble for your party! Happy Shopping!

New Jersey Reunion…..Teresa Is The New Villianess!

Sunday night’s explosive Part 1 Reunion Show of the New Jersey Housewives was exactly what I expected….Teresa is the new villainess. I think Teresa fits the role perfectly as her jealousy and cattiness reached a whole new level this season.

Teresa was my favorite cast member until she unleashed her fury on Melissa and Kathy. (I “unliked” her Facebook fan page and I no longer follow her on Twitter). I knew from the beginning she was all flash and shallow; but she was funny. Teresa is now the bitter mean girl. Why can’t she just be happy for Melissa and Joey’s success? Why does Teresa think every comment out of Kathy’s mouth is relating to her? Teresa…the world does not revolve around you and your cookbooks.

During the reunion show, Teresa was a politician. She could not answer a single question and was completely defensive. Teresa is unable to take responsibility for her actions and words (hurtful comments do not belong in a cookbook). Also, she doesn’t have to pretend her husband’s legal problems are no big deal…they are public knowledge and looks like there may be jail time in the future.

Also, I really missed Jacqueline; and I will definitely tune in for Season 4 to discover the new controversy. (The Bravo producers know what they are doing to get ratings.)

Now, it’s not like I love all the other wives. Each can be catty and I am sorry, but Melissa, I am not a fan of your voice or song.

So tune in Sunday for Part II of the New Jersey Reunion Show. I am sure it will be more of Teresa and her delusion. Happy Watching!



September’s ModHousewife Award Goes To…..Adele!

It took the whole month, but I finally decided that September’s ModHousewife Award goes to…..Adele (applause)!

Also known as Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, her performance at the MTV Music Video Awards left me in awe as she sang “Someone Like  You”. Her incredible voice was so deep with emotion that the audience truly understood her pain of a broken heart for a past love.

At the age of 23, Adele has released two albums both debuting #1 in the United States and United Kingdom.

“The Official Chart Company announced that Adele is the first living artist to achieve the feat of two top five hits in both the U.K. Offical Single Chart and the Official Albums Chart simultaneously since The Beatles in 1964.”

Adele’s career will only blossom more! Her lyrics and soulful voice will win more awards and inspire more girls to follow their dreams. I am looking forward to her next piece of art; and I will continue to sing my heart out when her songs play on my car radio.

High-End Fashion For All

High-end designers (and celeb-designers) are finally getting it right! Design and price for the masses; and make an even bigger profit on quality merchandise for department stores.

Retail stores are teaming up with high-end fashion designers and expanding their customer base to middle-income shoppers. This is making those designers’ reputations sky-rocket as normal people are enjoying well-made housewares and fashion at reasonable prices.

Isaac Mizrahi was the first big designer (that I can recall) who made an exclusive line for Target. His products were high quality and great design. As his popularity grew, other designers caught on fast. Today, Missoni is the latest designer to offer housewares, clothing, accessories at Target; and those products are flying off the shelves.

But Target is not the only department store joining forces with famous designers. In 2007, Vera Wang introduced “Simply Vera” for Kohl’s. I am a huge fan of this line. Every item I have purchased is fashionable and wears well even after several washes. My new favorite designer at Kohl’s is Jennifer Lopez. Her fashions are what I like to call “edgy/sophisticate” and I can’t wait to wear these new Fall fashions.

So now women (and men) everywhere can enjoy fabulous fashions that were once reserved only for Saks and Neiman’s. Happy Shopping!



September’s Man Of The Month…….

The first ModHousewife “Man of the Month” goes to……..Alexander Skarsgard (applause). 

Swedish born and son of talented actor, Stellan Skarsgard, Alexander is the sexy Viking vampire, Eric Northman on HBO’s  True Blood.

Alexander began acting in his early teens; and then later decided to study theatre in New York City.  Eventually, he returned home to Sweden to become a local star. In 2001, he landed a part in Zoolander (Ben Stiller), but continued his career in mostly Swedish productions.

Then in 2008, he was given the part of a life time….True Blood. He portrays a vampire whose evil tendencies are often overcome by love for his family and Sookie Stackhouse.

Without a doubt, Alexander has a very promising future; and we look forward to his next work in the remake of  Straw Dogs (2011) (co-stars with James Marsden, Kate Bosworth and James Woods). Alexander is an amazing talent and definitely not hard on the eyes either.