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I have just returned home from my first trip to Las Vegas. My first impression…this city is larger and brighter than life. And in the few weeks after the Mandalay Bay/Route 91Harvest Festival tragedy, Las Vegas has proven it’s a united community showing the world it will not be beaten….Vegas will remain strong and overcome.

My girlfriend and I enjoyed three days in Vegas, which is the perfect amount of time. With all the activity, it’s very easy to tire out. Plus, I want to save some attractions for my next visit!

Here’s our Girls’ Weekend itinerary. This was created after hours of blog reading and researching in order to have the perfect Vegas weekend. I hope it inspires you to visit Sin City:


-9:30am (12:30pm EST) Arrived at McCarran Airport  

-10:15am Dropped off luggage at our hotel..New York, New York  (Check In: 1-3pm)

-10:30am Began walking the famous Las Vegas Strip. Arrived at Planet Hollywood Box Office to retrieve our Britney Spears: Piece of Me concert tickets for that night’s show. I purchased tickets a month earlier on

-11:30am Lunch at Lobster Me. Great New England Lobster Rolls and Lobster Bisque. We ate at the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood.

-1pm Walked to the Venetian Hotel and enjoyed the sites and an outside Gondola ride. Gondola ride tickets are purchased onsite.

-3:30pm Arrived back at New York, New York to check into the hotel and rest. Then prep for these evenings events.

-5:30pm Dressed and ready for a night on the town, we taxied to The Venetian for dinner on the canal: Canonita Mexican Restaurant. The Coca Pina and Vaquero Beef Rib are outstanding!


-7:30pm Taxied to Planet Hollywood for the 9pm Britney Spears concert. She did not make an appearance on stage until 9:30pm. She still has it. The dancing and production of the show is incredible. It’s worth it…plus the people watching is two thumbs up!


-11:45pm – Taxied back to New York, New York for a good night sleep.


11:30am – We slept in! With the three hour time change and a Friday full of walking, we were exhausted. The sleep felt great.

12:30pm – Walked the Strip to find lunch. 800 Degrees is highly rated for it’s brick oven pizza….and it did not disappoint. Highly recommend for your pizza fix.


2pm – After browsing the Hershey Store and M&M World, we decided to spend the rest of the afternoon at the hotel pool.

7:30pm – Taxied to the Bellagio for dinner at Prime. We had a wonderful view of the fountain show and the food is 5 stars!


9:45pm – Taxied to the Excalibur Hotel for the 11pm show of the famous Thunder Down Under male review. This was a fabulous girls night out!


12:30am – Walked to New York, New York for a good night sleep!


11:00am – Checked out of New York, New York; and walked the Strip for a little shopping. Then we enjoyed brisket melts from Virgils BBQ.


1pm – 5:30pm – Enjoyed more of the Strip. Bought cupcakes from Sprinkles and then browsed the high end shops and relaxed at the Bellagio. My favorite shop is SJP….Sex and the City Shoe Heaven.



6pm – Our last dinner in Vegas was at Holstein’s in the Cosmopolitan Hotel. Fantastic burgers, chicken and of course, the best ice cream shakes in Vegas.


7:30pm – Walked to New York, New York to pick up our luggage and taxied to the airport for our Red Eye flight.

Las Vegas was incredible. I hope to make lots more trips in the future with girlfriends and my husband…so many things to see, so little time. And remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Happy Travels!

Fifty Shades of Grey – Um, There’s No Words

……because I laughed through the whole movie. To quote a friend, “This movie is awkward.”


First, I am a huge fan of the books. I realize that they are not literary masterpieces, but the story was unique and fun to read. I went into this movie knowing this was not going to win Oscars, but I was so disappointed by the screenplay and acting. In fact, there were moments I was so embarrassed for the actors that I just wanted the scenes to stop!

Regarding the screenplay, there is not enough dialogue between the characters and fails to produce a love story between an innocent finding her voice and a misguided man learning to love. Vital points in the book were left out, some scenes were oddly placed and I was truly missing Ana’s inner-dialogue/inner-goddess to help explain her feelings. Most of the time, I thought these two people did not like each other.

Also, besides there being absolutely no chemistry between Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan, I think they attended the Joey Tribbiani School of Dramatic Arts (smell the fart acting). However, Dakota Johnson does do a good job of bringing Ana to life; but Jamie Dornan is so stiff (pun intended) and fails to be Christian the “asshole”. When Jamie tries to use the word “fuck” or any dirty language…it seems forced and too polite. This saddens me because his performance in The Fall (BBC) was incredible. He had a hard time hiding his hot Irish accent; and he was completely uncomfortable in all the sex scenes.

Things to take away:

1. The sex scenes are not hot and anti-climatic (pun very much intended).

2. The background music in the entire movie is cheesy.

3. The movie just stops! Again, very anti-climatic!

4. Dakota Johnson should never dance and she likes to be naked.

5. Jamie Dornan looks amazing without clothes (highlight of the movie).

6. Do not watch this movie unless you have read the books.

7. Every time Jamie Dornan uses dirty language, it makes me giggle.

8. You will find yourself telling the movie “that didn’t happen that way” or “that happened in the second book.”

9. If your husband/boyfriend is hoping for a downstream effect from their wives/girlfriends watching a hot movie, they would have better luck after an episode of General Hospital or Young & the Restless.

10. The saving grace was watching the movie with friends and giggling like a school girl because the movie is so bad it’s funny. And yes, I am seeing it again tonight.

Will I see Fifty Shades Darker and Freed? Of course, but my expectations will be very low and it will just be another fun GNO!

Enjoy the movie!

Women In Front Of The Camera: The Broadcast Meteorologist

Today, I am continuing the series, “Women In Front Of The Camera”. I would like to introduce you to a woman I consider a sister, friend, classmate, etc., Angela, a broadcast meteorologist for KTVI-FOX 2 in St. Louis, Missouri.

Angela had a lifetime interest in weather. She decided to attend Western Illinois University; and received a Bachelor Degree in Geography specializing in Meteorology. After graduation, this Midwest girl uprooted her life; and began her career at KTVA CBS 11 in Anchorage, Alaska. Then two years later, she returned to St. Louis advancing her career in a larger television market.

Angela can also be heard on the radio (550 KTRS) giving weather forecasts. She regularly speaks at schools, businesses, and often emcees charity events and trivia nights across the St. Louis area. Plus, she is known to take on important news assignments.

Since Angela works in front of the camera, I wanted to know how she stays fit and trendy!

1. How do you keep fit? Biggest temptation…Carbs?

“I have to work out regularly. I love food; and have a passion for cooking, so regular exercise in a MUST. I have never been “skinny” and was a plump teenager, but when I decided to pursue a career in television I knew I needed to make a change. I run, take cardio classes, and/or do weight training every week day. Taking long walks with my husband and dog also help. My biggest temptation: sweets! I love ice cream.”

2. Favor designer?
“Despite what a lot of people think, not everyone is television makes a lot of money. So I don’t wear much of anything with a designer name. I will say that I do like the MICHAEL Michael Kors and Alfani lines at Macy’s. I do have certain stores that are my favorite for work attire. Macy’s is one, but I also love The Limited. My secret shop is Dressbarn. I used to think this was a store that only ‘moms’ shopped at, but I find great pieces for great prices there. Their dresses are adorable and most are just $40.”

3. Favorite trends for Spring/Summer 2013?
“I think my favorite trend for spring is the return of color, especially teal and tangerine. I like the mint trend too, but since I work in front of a green screen I can’t wear that on the air. I have not gotten into the colored pants trend since my legs often don’t show on the air. I tend to focus more on my tops with more classic, basic slacks or skirts.”

4. Does the camera really add 10 pounds?
“The camera can add ten pounds if the lighting is bad. Strong, flat light directed straight at a person flatten the features by killing shadows. That makes you look heavier. In theory, your lightning should be better than that in the news studio. I don’t wear a lot of stripes or tight patterns just to be safe.”

5. Advice for keeping on trend and staying within a budget?
“Don’t be afraid to shop all over. Perhaps you by a staple piece at a more expensive store, but pick up a few on-trend pieces at Target or Kohls. My on-air clothes are from many different stores. Also, don’t feel the pressure to “be on trend” with everything. Just like with food, all things in moderation. Sometimes, a current trend just doesn’t work on you or isn’t right for your job.”

6. Favorite/Worst parts of your job?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                “I love my job because I get to do what I love, talk about the weather. I enjoy getting to let my personality shine through. Working at a TV station, you also get to meet a lot of interesting people from local notables to well-known celebs. However, working in TV in the age of social media can be tough. Everyone is a critic and sometimes your presentation, your clothes, your hair, etc. is not someone’s ‘cup of tea’. The criticism can be tough to take sometimes. Also, my schedule can rough. I work weekend mornings regularly; and often fill in on the weekday morning show. Those early wake up calls can be difficult on a sleep pattern and your social life. Plus, putting makeup on at 2:00 a.m. is never much fun.”

I hope you have enjoyed getting to know a little about Angela and her style. She is an intelligent, beautiful and caring friend. It’s just hard to believe that we met over twenty years ago on our grade school’s softball fields, became close friends and had the honor of being in each other’s weddings. If you are in St. Louis, make sure to tune into Angela for the most up-to-date weather forecast!

Women In Front Of The Camera: The Model

Today, I am beginning the series, “Women In Front Of The Camera.” I will introduce you to four women (and friends) whose work involves being in the public eye; and how they stay fit and their tips for staying trendy.

This sequence begins with “The Model”. I would like to introduce you to my friend and sorority sister, Tara. Born in Clinton, Missouri, she is now a full-time model for print, TV and runway living in St. Petersburg, Florida. At 29, her dreams came true by winning a model search contest; and now she can be seen on the Home Shopping Network working for clients such as Queen Latifah, Twiggy and Scott-Vincent Borba, the runways of Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue and print ads for Dillards and Hilton Hotels.

Since Tara works in front of the camera, I wanted to know how she stays fit and trendy, plus her tips!

1. How do you stay fit?

(Before her modeling career skyrocketed, she earned a personal trainer certification through ISSA.)

“I think it’s important to remember that we are all different. My body may not respond to running exactly like yours would, or vice versa. Finding the fun in fitness has been the key to staying fit for me. I’m not hard on myself, but I have to move my body a little everyday to get the blood flowing. Healthy eating is a huge part of the way we look, so I allow myself to enjoy temptations from time to time, but I follow a very clean lifestyle. No drinking, no smoking, only eat REAL food, drink mostly water, move your body daily and have a regular sleep routine. It works.”

2. Favorite trends for Spring/Summer 2013?

“I absolutely adore using nail color to get into the mood of the season. Recently, I shot an editorial for a magazine’s Spring/Summer 2013 issue; and the makeup artist used OPI’s newest collection with fresh/beautiful colors ranging in coral pink to deep navy blue.”

3. Advice for keeping on trend and staying within a budget? 

“Nail polish is fairly cheap and easy to change, it’s a very simple way to update your look. Also, shop at the less expensive trendy stores like H&M or Zara to freshen up your closet. Mix those pieces with your current clothing items.You’ll be amazed at how many new looks can be created with your white dress shirt.”

And Finally, I had to ask….4. The Best & Worst Parts of the job?

“Best – My job allows me to feel free and creative. I never get bored or feel trapped. Worst – The lack of sleep. It can be hard to travel or work without sleep for days, and I mean DAYS!! It’s crazy but fashion is going on around us 24/7; and I’m there to help the clients get their product/services to the public, and it’s not always glamourous. But honestly, I wouldn’t change a thing…I love my job!”


I hope Tara has inspired you to get active and trendy! She’s an amazing woman…just can’t believe it’s been over a decade since our Mizzou days together. But we have not aged a day!

Mod Makeover….The Pixie

Last week, my beautiful friend (inside & out), Cassie, went to the salon for a more updated look. She has shiny, dark-brown hair that was styled in an adorable mid-length bob. But she decided to turn up the heat; and go for a dramatic pixie that is sexy and sophisticated. Plus, with a little product and a blow drier, the pixie is easily managed. (If you have wavy or curly hair, the pixie is also manageable, but a hot-iron may be required.)

Before: Mid-Length Bob








After: Sexy Siren – Pixie












Celebrities with the Pixie:

Ginnifer Goodwin











Carey Mulligan











So be bold at your next hair appointment! Try a new cut or color….

Troop Beverly Hills

I was craving Girl Scout cookies last night; and I began reminiscing of my years as a Brownie, Junior and Cadet. The Girls Scouts of America is a wonderful organization. I remember the crafts, campouts, badges and most importantly, the cookies. In the next few years, I see my daughter becoming a Girl Scout and carrying on so many traditions.

I think about becoming my daughter’s troop leader…even though I hate camping, not a fan of making knots and so on. I’m sure the Girl Scout curriculum has changed in past 25 years. However, I see my troop being more like “Troop Beverly Hills”.

What a wonderful movie that taught us so much such as:

  • -The California Community Property Laws can’t be beat.
  • -Appraising diamonds and gardening with glamour should be earned badges.
  • -A hotel room with nine people and one bathroom is roughing it.
  • -Perms are bad!
  • -Tori Spelling is not a real blonde.
  • -And the underdogs can always win the Annual Jamboree!

If you have a chance, watch this movie again. It’s fun and girls love it! Plus, you’ll get a small glimpse of my own troop. I will definitely teach my girls how to survive in the wilds of business, fashion and cooking with major appliances. (Not a fan of cooking on an open flame.) Also, I have a wonderful marketing plan for my troop’s cookie business….I see social media, websites, direct marketing, trade shows, etc.