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ModHousewife is a forum for all modern women, whether working professional or stay-at-home mom, with an inner-sexy, intelligent and fun “Housewife” spirit. This is your time to relax with your favorite latte and read up on Celebrities, Decor, Fashion, Food, Holidays, Health, Trends, and much more. Plus, ModHousewife encourages all readers to comment on blog postings and give their unique perspective on fabulous topics and trends.



I am a St. Louis, MO native and currently living in Cincinnati, OH.┬áMy career has always been focused on promoting several different and interesting products and services. Currently, I am a “housewife” and ready to add my unique spin on the world around me.

I graduated from Incarnate Word Academy High School;
and I hold a Bachelors Degree in Journalism from The University of Missouri – Columbia.

I live with my husband and our daughter; and I sit on many community boards.

Contact: Modhousewife@yahoo.com

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